Standards contributions

  • V. Heinrich, R. Winter, “Reverse Traceroute”, (internet draft, 00 version 2022-09-05, 01 version 2023-02-16)

Conference Papers


  • R. Winter, V. Heinrich, “There AND back - designing reverse traceroute”, DENOG14, 2022-11-15, video
  • R. Winter, V. Heinrich, “Supercharging Traceroute”, IETF 115, 2022-11-06, video
  • V. Heinrich, “Reverse Traceroute”, IETF 118, 2023-11-09, video
  • V. Heinrich, “Ah, This Is How Packets Get Here! Measuring Reverse Paths on the Public Internet”, RIPE 87, 2023-11-28, video


  • A reverse traceroute client and server implementation (V. Heinrich, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg), Github
  • Eclipse Thingweb dart_wot, W3C Web of Things implementation for the Dart/Flutter ecosystem (University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer), Github
  • IceFlow, NDN-based stream processing library written in C++ (University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer), Github.

Press releases

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